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Part 4

I sat back on my bed. We had a conversation for few more minutes and then he left. I thought about Shreya, Pooja, Nirav, Awi. Awi..What had happened to him? I didn’t speak to him at all. I called him at his place. His mother said he is not at home. I assumed he has gone out with some friends.

I was watching TV when around 1130 PM, my phone rang. I answered the phone and it was Awi’s mother. She had a worried tone. “Beta, do you have any idea on where Awi could be?”, she asked me. “Aunty, I met him in the morning, I didn’t hear from him after that. Probably he is with Nirav or someone.”

“I’ve checked with all Ritika. He is no where. I am very worried. His father is screaming at me for letting my son go at this hour.”

“Aunty, I will try finding out and will give you a call. Please relax, aunty.” I calmed her and kept the phone down. Another call by Shreya. “Is Awi there?”, she asked. I told her no and she told even she got a call from Awi’s mother. Now this was alarming. Where could this fellow go at this hour? I woke my mother and told her, “Ma, Awi is missing”.

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