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Part 1



Love goes towards love, as school boys from their books;

But love from love towards school, with heavy books.


The tastes of men differ as much as their sentiments and passions, and in feeling the beauties of art in smelling flowers, tasting fruits, viewing prospects and hearing a melody, every individual must be guided by his own sensations and the incommunicable association of his own ideas. The charm of a great classic as a work of art, in common with all great works of art, lies in its eternal freshness and novelty, and to each and every mind, a great work will reveal a new meaning and a new charm which alone are the source of all enjoyment one derives from reading it.

It’s September. The gorgeous climate beautified the entire village, Thirur, a mountainous rural area spated with green valleys, green fields, hillocks, waterfalls, cascade of waterfalls and famous temples perched on the hills and the panoramic view from the highest mountain was so excellent that no word could be chosen to describe the beauty of the village.

There’s a Railway station, one kilometer away from the Friday Market area, a busy area only on Friday because all kinds of items from electronic items to provisions and vegetables were available and the adjoining villagers also used to throng to Thirur by train and bus services.

Nandavalli is a nearby big town, four kilometers from Thirur, and these villagers used to sell their vegetable items in the Big Market , Gandhi Market, to the Vegetable Agents and earn profits without knowing that the Agents were none but crocodiles, all politicians of ruling party, who used to sell these vegetables at an exorbitant rate.

There ‘re two passenger trains one in the morning at about eight , Up-train and another Down-train, Return train from Pattinam, a Junction connecting three States which stops at Thirur punctually at six in the evening. In addition to Passenger train, there’re K.K. Express and Mail trains crossing Thirur station but during night time only.

Mahendrapuram is an inter-village, a few kilometers away from the railway station where one could see a famous Agraharam, fifty houses on both sides, where our celebrated astrologer, Ragavachari with his wife, Lakshmi and daughter, Meena was living.

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