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Part 1

Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife

A critical appraisal of Islamic faith, Indian polity ‘n more

BS Murthy

ISBN 81-901911-1-X

Enhanced edition © 2020 BS Murthy

Revised edition © 2013 BS Murthy

Copyright © 2003 BS Murthy

Cover design by E. Rohini Kumar, GDC creative advertising (p) ltd., Hyderabad.

Self Imprint

F-9, Nandini Mansion,

1-10-234, Ashok Nagar,

Hyderabad – 500 020

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Dedicated to -

All those men, women and children, who ever suffered at the hands of bigots

on account of the dogma of their faith, and to those sacrificial animals

that become victims of religious superstition.


Preface of Strife

Chapter 1: Advent of Dharma

Chapter 2: God’s quid pro Quo

Chapter 3: Pyramids of Wisdom

Chapter 4: Ascent to Descent

Chapter 5: The Zero People

Chapter 6: Coming of the Christ

Chapter 7: Legacy of Prophecy

Chapter 8: War of Words

Chapter 9: Czar of Medina

Chapter 10: Angels of War

Chapter 11: Privates of ‘the God’

Chapter 12: Playing to the Gallery

Chapter 13: Perils of History

Chapter 14: Pitfalls of Faith

Chapter 15: Blinkers of Belief

Chapter 16: Shackles of Sharia

Chapter 17: Anatomy of Islam

Chapter 18: Fight for the Souls

Chapter 19: India in Coma

Chapter 20: Double Jeopardy

Chapter 21: Paradise of Parasites

Chapter 22: The Number Game

Chapter 23: Winds of Change

Chapter 24: Ant Grows Wings

Chapter 25: Constitutional Amnesia

Chapter 26: The Stymied State

Chapter 27: The Wages of God

Chapter 28: Delusions of Grandeur

Chapter 29: Ways of the Bigots

Chapter 30: The Rift Within

Chapter 31: The Way Around

Chapter 32: The Hindu Rebound

Chapter 33: Italian Interregnum

Chapter 34: Rama Rajya

Chapter 35: Wait for the Savant

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