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Part 2

Ever since I came up to town to work, life had taken on a whole new colour.

Okay, I'll begin at the begining. I'm Barbara Wade, 29 years old, a trained librarian. Sound boring, huh? Well, yes, that's me. A little on the larger side, especially my breasts, which made me feel so embarassed, although I don't really know why. Perhaps it was because i was brought up by my aunt Sharon and Uncle Bob, I guess. Uncle Bob is a pastor and he would look at me disapprovingly if he felt my clothes or 'my demeanour 'were 'inappropriate" His words.

Since my mother had disappeared with her boyfriend fifteen years ago, I had been taken in by her sister, Aunt Sharon. I was never made to forget that I was living off the charity of my relatives.

So i went to church, wore decent clothes and kept my burgeoning breasts confined in tight innerwear to keep the peace in the house. But as soon as I possibly could, I left the little town and moved to the city, armed with my librarian's degree.

And soon after, the dreams began...

At least, they began after I ran into Brad Winston,

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