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Part 8

I turned around in some surprise.

A man clad in an expensive suit stood there, stooping slightly. He had silver hair and was broad and stocky, conveying a sense of barely unleased power. His dark brown eyes looked at me impassively and the fingers holding my arm squeezed lightly, a cigarette clenched between his teeth .

“Mr.Gaston!”, breathed the doorman in a worshipful manner, ”Of course!’

And we entered in a sweep.


Once inside the club I regained my wits.

I swung around and stopped walking ”Who are you?” I demanded crossly ”Why did you say that I was with you?”

The man continued to hold my arm, loosely but firmly. There was a hint of a smile in his steely gaze as he drawled,”Why Will, I think the lady should be thanking me for saving her from embarrassment, don’t you agree?”

I suddenly became aware of two other men with us. Dressed in dark suits, they had the impersonal but alert attitude of bodyguards.

I tried to pull away as I whispered,”Who are you?”

The Man removed his cigarette in an indolent way and laughed.”You don’t know me!”

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