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Part 3

Ran into in the literal way!

I shared a flat with two really COOL girls, girls who moved in social circles that would have had my uncle gnash his teeth and holler!!

They attended parties and their boy friends came over to stay the night very often.

I was still trying to adjust to it when Brad Winston entered my life.


One evening I came home to find Mel, my roommate with her latest boyfriend and his friend at home. Mel greeted me lazily;" Hey Barbie!!! You in for a foursome toningt?"

I blushed [yes, I do blush! I'm that kind of girl] while Hank, her boyfriend - who is rahter dumb- gave a hoot of laughter and chortled,

Seeing my chagrin, mel quickly added,grinning widely," Not THAT way! I meant a double date, y'know, painting the town red and all that!"

Hank's friend turned around to look at me and I got a jolt. Pale blue eyes, paler than anything I had ever seen, Dark hair, thick and wild, making you long to run your hands through it...and a wide, sexy mouth, a mouth ...I stopped short.

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