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Part 4

He glanced at me, giving me a quick once over.

I flushed. Something about his ice cold eyes...He turned away, dismissively, like he was bored. Like I was just too gauche for him.

I stepped into the room, favoured Hank with my sweetest smile and said,"Yes, why not?"

Hank looked taken back. Not used to wallflowers suddenly showing attitude."Uh huh" he mumbled. Mr. Blue Eyes stood up.

I gawked. Tall, muscular...Aware that I was staring, I turned away to meet my friend's amused gaze.

"yeah babe, let's make out this evening,' she purred." Brad can spend time with Jan here?' arching her eyebrows at me.

I almost swooned. Spending time with this Greek god? Me?

Obviously, he thought so too.

'Nah,'he growled,' Sheila's with me."

Flicking his eyes towards me,he added in a murmur audible only to me.'She's real hot,unlike...'

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