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Part 9

"“Let me go!” I cried in mounting panic .

In answer , the man jerked his chin towards a door and before I knew what was happening, one of the bodyguards[as I thought them to be] moved swiftly to the side and opened a door at the side of the lobby. In a minute, I was whisked into the room and tossed onto a couch . The Man was breathing heavily, from anger, I realized with increasing fear, as I stared at him.

He glared at me for a few moments, the brown eyes darkened and almost black in fury. When he spoke, his voice was curiously rough

“You stupid girl!,” he growled, “You come here dressed like a hooker{I flushed and tried to pull my dress down over my knees] and clueless about what goes on in here.”

He had moved closer as he spoke and now towered over me, his eyes roving insolently over my body as he spoke, resting on my near exposed breasts as they heaved with passion.{My DRESS!!!!! With it’s nearly non existent neck!!]

He went on, still standing over me, his voice controlled but conveying anger and something else- menace?

“And standing outside looking like a lost puppy because you had no escort”. Here he reached out and ran a finger down my cheek and throat to..I stopped breathing[well, almost!]

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