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Part 11

"I can't..I mean..you..."I can't..I mean..you...’ I stammered.

This was going all wrong, totally.

I’d just come searching for some fun with a blue eyed Hot guy…and now ?

I stood up shakily, wiping my palms on my dress, taking a deep breath and said, ”Look, I’m sorry…It’s a misunderstanding…I came searching for ..I mean, I came to meet a friend,uh..friends”

I laughed nervously “ Guess they must be looking for me. ’

Feeling a little braver now, I stood steadier and went on,” yes, they must be wondering…where..”

He interrupted me silkily, “Give me the names of your ..umm friends?’ Reaching for a phone on the bar

Mockingly, like a cat playing with a mouse, I thought , wretchedly. I turned away, I’ve never been a good liar. My eyes were swimming with tears. Why, oh why had I come???

A hand on my shoulder , I spun round in alarm, slamming into his chest, surprisingly well muscled and hard.

He had come up behind me, moving softly for a man with a limp, I thought in confusion. We stood almost eye to eye, I in my ridiculous stilettoes! And I became aware of the fact that I was breathing faster but it wasn’t fear..it was…excitement?

I stepped back in confusion, in shock but he came closer, eyes narrowing, taking in my reactions,

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