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Part 4

“What’s wrong?” frowned Mel, while Big Hank hugged her.

“Nothing, nothing,” I said quickly, ignoring Hank’s sly grin.

I followed them into the house, which was overflowing with people and loud talk. Mel swept up a champagne glass as she walked and I saw Jeannie and the men do the same. Sadly, Uncle Henry’s lectures had too strong an effect and I rarely drink, only for a rare glass of wine.

We entered what looked like a glass domed hall, where the sounds were the loudest. I saw Brad Winston but there was no rush of adrenaline, no feeling of excitement. I just saw a jaded young man who thought he was Superstud , when he wasn’t. He had two girls hanging onto his arms, dressed in skimpy clothes that left nothing to the imagination. I looked around me with curiosity as the group I was in, laughed and chattered away loudly.

The wealthiest people of the country seemed to be there. I saw a couple of movie stars, Senators and others, all turned out in their glamorous best. A few journalists too, snapping pictures, hanging on the words of the high and mighty.

There was an enormous decorated stage at one end of the room, I idly wondered why anyone would want a monstrosity like that in a room that was already so tastelessly decorated.

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