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Part 3

The girls, however thought it was attraction and hooted. Within hours we were on our way, but only after I’d made sure that we were NOT going to the country club where I had been so thoroughly …well, just thinking about it made me feel hot!


On the way, above the din in the car, I discovered that we were attending a party being thrown by Brad’s step dad or rather ‘ex’ step dad, who had clinched some amazing deal that would bring in more millions to add to his already deep pockets. I wasn’t very interested but there was no stopping Mel and I was in one of her slinky gowns, which was a little stretched around the hips and the top for me, since though I was shorter than them, I was more well endowed. Mel had whistled appreciatively while Jeannie had laughed and rolled her eyes, mouthing ‘Hottie”. Predictably, I’d turned beet red.

With my long hair swinging freely down to my waist, I’d applied the minimum of make up. Mel said I looked like a bit of a virgin out for a good time. I didn’t try to wrap my head round that one!


The car came to a halt. I looked around me, startled. I’d been miles away. Jeannie was grinning, calling me.

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