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Part 10

Fighting down the feeling of helplessness and fear, I tried to move but he twisted my arm some more, causing me to cry out as I was pressed against him, the wall behind me. Refusing to show my distress, I glared up at him.

Menacingly, breathing hard, he repeated softly, ”Old? So you don’t feel pleasure with me? We’ll see about that.”

“No,” I cried, as he ripped the front of my gown ,It’s not..”

He grunted as he lowered his head to my breasts, which had spilled out of confinement, sucking at the buds, then biting, alternately.

I sobbed in pain and excitement. He stripped me roughly and when I stood naked before him, panting, he stepped back .

The insolent way he let his eyes wander over me, made me flush hotly and I raised my hands to cover my nakedness in confusion.

Gaston captured my hands behind my back and forced me to look at him.

“Take it out,” he said softly, grinding his member against me. ’Do it!” he snarled.

I raised my hand to take off his jacket but he slapped my hands ‘Only you should be naked, at my mercy”

A wave of shame coursed through me, but I was helpless. I unbuttoned his fly, taking out his powerful member, big, hard and ready.

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