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Part 1

The first few days after my encounter with Gaston at the club passed in a daze. I went about my work like a zombie, completely on auto pilot.

I worked at a library as I was studying for law. My parents had separated when I was very young and I couldn’t remember my father. Ma had moved on soon enough, leaving me in the care of her sister, my aunt Penny. Aunt Penny’s husband was a pastor and had very clear ideas about what girls should and shouldn’t do. So I lived a sheltered life but there was Harold at school, gentle, nerdy Harold and I had grown up thinking that we would get married and have babies. It makes me cringe now. I was so daft!Soon after Harold left school, he joined the army. We had been secretly meeting , spending hours making love before that. I pictured myself as the pregnant love of a brave soldier who returns from the war to claim his sweetheart.

Just another pipe dream. When Harold returned from Afghanistan, he was not the youth who had kissed me goodbye. This was a broken man, with a missing arm, who woke up at night bathed in sweat, screaming. Who sat for hours, drinking, staring into space.

One evening when I got back from work, he was not at home. I never saw him again.

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