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Part 7

The sound of a door opening from somewhere close by. I opened my eyes, startled.

Safer to be in the crowd than alone here.

As I took a step forward, two people entered the corridor. ahead of me.

A woman, pleading “Don’t do this! You can’t leave me! I love you darling. I swear!”

I shrank back trying to hide as the man whom she was clinging to, replied coolly,” My money don't you mean, sweetie? Actually, I’m tired of you.“

He turned and the light fell on his chiseled profile, carved as it were in granite” Will,“ he barked,” Will! Ms. Nathan wants to leave. Escort her to her car.”

I’d know that voice anywhere: Gaston. But the indifferent, almost callous way he pushed the hysterical woman towards his bodyguard, made me stare in shock. She was practically groveling now."No , darling no!" she sobbed, slipping to her knees." I'll do anything..you know.."

The ubiquitous Will half hustled, half dragged the weeping woman away, as Gaston turned.

And became aware of another presence.


I stood there, too stunned to move, staring wide eyed at him.

Paralyzed with shock.

And something indescribable.

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