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Part 8

He limped towards me, slowly, stopping only when he was so close our bodies were almost touching. I inhaled the fragrance of his cologne, sharp and lemony and probably costing the earth.

I looked up at him, for although he wasn’t extremely tall, his broadness and the width of his powerfully muscled arms and shoulders made him seem to tower over me.

He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand; I stood, incapable of movement. Only the rapid rise and fall of my breasts, an indication of my agitation.

He moved closer still. I put my fists up, trying to create some resistance, tilting my head up, to look into his dark eyes: ”Please, I whispered, don’t..”

“Little girl…” he breathed, mocking me” Don’t what? Do this?’ He ran his thumb over my bottom lip roughly. I shuddered.

“or this?” he went on, dropping his hand to my breast boldly caressing the tight nub which stood out, outlined and hard, demanding to be touched. I moaned and tried to turn away from his freely roving hand but he held my arm in a harsh grip.

“Or this?’ he growled, swooping down to take my mouth in a punishing kiss, grinding his teeth against my soft lips as I twisted helplessly in his arms.

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