Possessed (Part 5, page 1 of 4)

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Part 5

I didn’t see him after we had had breakfast. He had glanced indifferently at the twins who were cleaned, fed and rarin’ to go, obviously excited by their new surroundings. With a twinge of disappointment, I watched the indifferent way he left the table without a word of goodbye to me or acknowledgement of the twins…I caught the housekeeper’s look but putting on a brave face, I scooped the twins up and went outside to the garden.


I didn’t see him all day long but in the afternoon, as I was crossing the open study, I heard him speaking to his secretary,” Steve, Arrange for the DNA tests on those children tomorrow morning, first thing.”

I stumbled, the bile rising in my mouth as I understood that for Gaston, there was no such thing as trust.

Beatrice who happened to be passing, clucked as she held Piers in her arms and murmured, “The man don’t have eyes in his head. Can’t he see the boy ‘n gal are spitting images of him?”


Gaston sat behind the desk facing the lawns of his sprawling mansion, going through the final details of the deal he had finalized earlier in the day. His business associates were in the room with him and Jim Schwartz who had been with him during many a difficult time, stood at the floor to ceiling windows, staring out, hands in his pockets.

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