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Part 6

The heaviness in my heart grew.

What was I doing here, I asked myself miserably. Had I come here to this fancy prison to be humiliated? Only to be treated as an object to satisfy his lust when he wanted me?

What had happened to my dreams of studying law? Doing something with my life? Little Ria distracted me with her baby talk and soon, I was lost in the happiness of playing with the little children who were my joy.

The sound of a car broke through Piers happy gurgles .A door slammed somewhere and Gaston’s voice could be heard. He limped into the room and barely glancing my way, he ordered, ”Change your clothes. We have to attend a party. The car’s waiting.”

I glared at him mutinously. I was not going anywhere if he addressed me like I was the maid with the mop.

“Get up woman.!” He growled threateningly. Wanting to avoid a scene in front of the maids, I grudgingly rose from the floor and followed him out. He grabbed my arm and marched me to the master bedroom, His room where there were a few shopping bags on the bed.

“What?’ I asked crossly.

He indicated the bags and said ‘Some clothes for you. Wear that now.”

I stared at him in astonishment and fury. How dare he buy something without consulting me? Even as I opened my mouth to protest, he pushed me towards the bed, mumbling, ‘Hurry up.’ With that he disappeared into the bathroom.

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