Possessed (Part 7, page 2 of 10)

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Part 7

“Is this is your secret mistress?’

“Have you split up with Abby Winters?”

‘We heard that you have an illegitimate child..”

The group hounded us and I breathed easier as the doors closed behind us. I felt disgusted and sick but Gaston seemed supremely indifferent as he led me to the room where I had first met him…I blushed as I looked around.

He caught my eyes and smiled drily, ”So you remember?”

“Could I ever forget?” I replied huskily.

He made his way to the bar. I followed and placing my hand on his chest, I said in a small voice, ”Gaston, please…don’t drink so much…”

He looked down at me sharply, standing still for some time, the silver tinged head angled to catch the light. Afraid that I had committed a mistake, I made to step back but he encircled my waist tightly and said mockingly,” So, my little woman, why should I listen to you?”

I bowed my head. What could I possibly reply?

There was a discreet knock on the door and I moved away. A man in a suit, obviously the manager, entered and informed Gaston that the guests had arrived.

I turned to Gaston in some confusion, ”Are you giving the party? Why?”.

But he was already sweeping me out into the main banquet hall: despite his bad leg, trying to keep pace with him while I was in my slinky gown took an effort that effectively silenced me.

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