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Part 7

A few minutes later, he entered my room. I was standing before the mirror, staring at myself, at the transformation. The midnight blue gown was cleverly designed to cover but reveal a woman’s curves. It flattered me, making me look mature but …I couldn’t put a finger on it.

Turning as Gaston entered, I caught the blaze of his honey coloured eyes, darkening as they roamed over me. Coming forward, he lifted my hair and to my astonishment, slipped an exquisite necklace around my throat.

“The earrings,”he said softly slipping a pouch into my hand.

‘Diamonds?” I squeaked in surprise.

“We don’t have much time,” he drawled, watching as I fixed the small studs.

I turned to him, “where are we going?”

But he was already out of the room and once in the car, he was besieged by calls. I sat quietly, watching the countryside slip by. With a sinking heart, I realized that we were entering the city, heading for the club, where I had first met Gaston


I clambered out of the car and stood eyeing the club uneasily. There were a number of vehicles around and as we stepped forward, a group of reporters swooped down on us. Gaston held my hand firmly, leading me to the entrance.

The journalists threw questions at us as we made our way forward, cocooned by Gaston’s security staff.

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