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Part 3

“What does it want?” he demanded.

“SHE is hungry.” I snapped.

“So feed her,” he replied silkily, the hooded eyes never leaving my face.

“I won’t, not in front of you.” I said stubbornly, glaring at him.

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I regretted them; talk of holding a red flag to a bull.

He gulped down his whiskey and stood up, moving to sit beside me. I moved back in alarm. “Do it” he ordered, thickly. “I want to watch.”

A sudden stirring in my womanhood, like the embers of a latent fire being re kindled.

Ria shifted in my arms, screwing up her face to demand her hunger be appeased and Gaston leaned into me.

“Feed them. ‘He repeated and I could see a strange expression in his face. Preparing to join his sister in crying, Piers began stirring, and I realized that I could not put it off.

I opened my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt, hotly aware of Gaston’s quickened breathing as he stared at my unbound, heavy breasts. I brought my daughter’s seeking mouth to my nipple and then shifted Piers so that he could suck from the other breast. Wincing slightly as the small sharp gums tugged at my nipples I settled into a comfortable position and turned my face away, shutting my eyes, willing myself to ignore Gaston.

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