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Part 4

Breathtakingly glamorous, it had all the latest gadgets that I had seen and some I had never seen before.

I stripped and entered the shower cubicle, ignoring the luxurious bathtub. An array of soaps and showers, women’s accessories – a pang of jealousy stabbed me as I wondered if they had belonged to “Sweetie’. I shrugged, let down my hair and stood under the shower, allowing the warm water to cascade down, using every bath accessory I could find, with a vengeance.

Tiredness engulfed me as I finally toweled myself, slipping into a bathrobe of the softest material and after drying my long hair, I tumbled into bed, falling asleep in a matter of minutes.


Gaston raked his hand through his hair as he entered the house.

It had taken some strong convincing to send away the blonde woman who had been his lover for the last couple of months. She had made an interesting bed mate but the electric sparks that existed between Jan and himself: he scowled as he accepted that no one had the power to move him as she had.

Grimly, he took the stairs and confronted his housekeeper as she appeared. ”Are they settled in?” he asked and immediately, ’Where is she?”

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