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Part 4

I realized that I was exhausted and followed Beatrice to a room across the landing. The sight of the bed made me want to slip under the covers and forget the world but I was still anxious about my children.

Beatrice was observing me critically as I turned and she asked,” Not very old, are you? Twenties?” I blushed as I realized she was wondering how a man in his late forties could have found a woman who was so different from him, attractive.

Sensing my consternation she waved her dimpled arms and said, ‘Ah, I’ve known Mr. Gaston for years. I knew there was something goin’ on a year ago but I never saw you here…then the man took to drinkin’ big time and I knew somethin’d gone wrong.” She pursed her lips and continued to stare at me thoughtfully, hands on hips.

Having had enough of being stared at, like an animal on sale, I said, “I’d like to have a wash .Can you..”

Apologising loudly, she led me to a room and I made sure she didn’t linger for long. The afternoon sunlight was fading and I wanted to take a bath, wash off the grime and tiredness of the journey. Closing the door securely, I entered the bathroom and gasped in wonder.

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