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Part 4

Gaston’s eyes flashed warningly but it was the wafer thin blonde whose mouth fell open.” Did she just say your children?” she squeaked as I stormed past her into the house, my children in my arms

I stopped at the doorway and turned, feeling vindicated as I saw Gaston mollify her but the look he directed at me, made me duck my head and scuttle inside. I knew I had stirred things up for him and Sweetie, whoever she was but I only felt pleased with myself.

The sound of a chuckle made me turn in surprise. A plump woman stood there, her eyes twinkling behind her glasses

“So you’re Janice who ran away from him. And these are the children?”

Her welcoming manner put me at ease and the children must’ve felt the same. She took us to a large room on the first floor, talking all the way. The room had been readied quickly, she said but when we entered, I was pleased to see the sunny, cheerful feel it gave off. There were two small beds in the comfortable looking room. Two women in uniforms were waiting to take charge of my twins.

“Room’s never been used!’ confided the smiling woman who introduced herself as Beatrice. “Got it ready real quick when he told us too.” I relinquished my children to the maids with some hesitation; I had never done this before.

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