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Part 8

“I..I have to go, ‘I said making to stand up.

“You haven’t finished your coffee.” He replied smoothly, putting a heavy arm on my shoulder, preventing me from rising while Shark slid into the chair beside me, too close for comfort. I instinctively moved away and saw the gleam of the chase in his tawny eyes.

Waving to the server, Schwartz went on, ”Looking peaky, aren’t you?’ his eyes slid on to my exposed arms and I shrank as they fell on the fading purple bruises. He looked up at me and I flushed at the expression.

“Excuse me, but I really have to go,” I said desperately. But Shark didn’t move and I was effectively hemmed in by his chair.

He smiled,” Stay awhile, pretty girl.’ and drawled,” Gaston won’t mind. We always shared.” And he roared with laughter, into my face.

I looked at the leering face, feeling a slow anger rise in me and I picked up the fork from the table.

“I shall say this one more time. ‘ I said softly” Let me go or I’ll make you sorry.” I looked at him meaningfully pointing the fork towards his lower body.

Shark threw back his head and hooted with laughter while Schwartz looked at me, grudging admiration in his face.

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