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Part 8

I went to the clinic alone, and when the doctor turned to me confirming what were my worst fears, I felt my heart sink. Ordering the driver to stop at a coffee shop on the way, I went inside, longing to be alone, to organize my chaotic thoughts without the attentive staff or my demanding children claiming me.

I sat , sipping a coffee, staring into the mug, trying to organize my chaotic thoughts. What could I do? This would mean that I continue being just an object to satisfy Gaston’s lust and nothing else…I wanted to have a life, wanted to study, DO something…absorbed in my thoughts, I was startled when someone addressed me.

“Well, well, well! If it isn’t Gaston’s charming little wife” said a voice I vaguely remembered and I looked up startled.

Two men stood there and with a hollow feeling, I recognized the hot yellow eyes of the man Gaston had addressed as ‘Shark’, devouring me. I had worn a simple outfit as I had only intended to go to the doctor and I was aware of his eyes sliding down the wide neck of my dress, greedily. I sat up straight, adjusting it self-consciously. While the other man continued. ”I’m Jim Schwartz, Gaston’s partner at the club.’

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