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Part 9

The abusive word, so in contrast to the movement on my mouth startled me all the more.

I froze and then tried to step back, mortified. But he jerked me forward uncaring of my pain as his hands closed over my bruised arms. Trying not to cry out and disturb my children, I bent my head, biting my lip to stop from crying, refusing to reply.

My silence seemed to enrage him. He pulled me towards his taut body, and I could feel his manhood pressing into my soft belly. I was suddenly made aware of the life growing within me and I sagged, weary beyond anything.

Was it always going to be this way, I asked myself bitterly. With him suspecting me, at all times? Was I only going to be there to satisfy his lust. And what would happen when I was no longer the object of his desire?

“Tell me,’ he said thickly, tangling his hand in my long hair, dragging my head back, painfully, ’Damn you, you w****’

Unthinkingly, I threw my head back and cried,”Yes, YOUR w****! That’s what you have made me. Are you happy about that?”

He growled deep in his throat, a familiar light glowing in his eyes and I stiffened as I knew what was coming.

He wrenched me out of the room, ignoring the maids who had come to the door, half dragging me to his room.

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