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Part 9

It was drizzling that night as I stood cradling Ria, humming her to sleep. She had been fretful all evening.

When she finally drifted off to sleep, I kissed her forehead tenderly, my hair falling over her as I straightened.

And became aware of Gaston, leaning against the door. The room was in semi darkness and I couldn’t make out his expression; how long had he been standing there? I wondered as I walked forward reluctantly, pushing my hair back.

He stood blocking the doorway and I waited looking up at him.

NOW what had I done, I thought tiredly.

He moved closer and I inhaled sharply. The familiar smell of drink and his potent male fragrance. I closed my eyes briefly.

Carefully, almost exploringly, he ran a finger over my cheek, to my mouth. My chest heaved in anticipation. What new method of tormenting me had he devised this time?

The finger lingered on my lips, rubbing my lower lip, softly. I wanted him to take me in his arms, do whatever he wished with me, that was the effect that one caress was having on me. My eyes fell on his well-shaped mouth…please, begged my heart…

Unconsciously, I leaned forward. My body was on fire and the man before me seemed unmoved.

Still stroking my mouth, he asked in a deceptively gentle voice,” where did you go this afternoon, you s***?”

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