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Part 2

Gaston was like a man possessed. All throughout the night, he made calls, he spoke to his contacts but finally, by dawn, he realised that he had got nowhere.


The name conjured up the image of a thickset little man who had stood for everything that Gaston had come to hate.

They had met when years ago, when Gaston had been an active player in the world of smuggling. He had had no qualms in dabbling in the drug market but he drew the line when it came to human trafficking. The images of his mother selling herself were still etched in his mind.

Dmitri had thrived on it.

When they had had a showdown over a drug deal that Dmitri had tried to sabotage, Gaston had struck back fiercely, using all the resources he had at his disposal and overnight, Dmitri’s empire had crumbled. It was during one such shootout that Dmitri’s men had come close to crippling Gaston.

Now he figured that Dmitri had been lying low, watching and waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

And he had succeeded.

All his contacts seemed to have drawn a blank. There was no sign of the man.

There was no sign of the woman who had come to mean Gaston’s life either.

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