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Part 10

Gaston sat with the photograph in his hands. He could feel a slow rage building up in him.

It was a grainy photo. Possibly taken on a cell phone camera. In a room full of people, because he could make out the heads of other people in front of the hand held camera. Other phones raised to take a picture of the captive woman on the raised platform.

It had been enlarged but there was no mistaking the woman who stood with a look of pure panic on her face, dressed in a gown that revealed every part of her lush body, clinging to her curves…A man stood beside her, holding her arm firmly, probably to keep her from bolting.

Janice. His wife.

She looked like an exotic offering in a slave market, with her painted mouth and eyes outlined in black.

And he felt his gut twist as he realised that she was no longer carrying their child.

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