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Part 8

Gaston sat at the desk, his daughter perched on his lap. She enjoyed sitting there on his knee, fiddling with the objects on his table while he looked on indulgently. When she turned to smile at him coquettishly [little minx, he thought fondly!] he could see a flash of Jan in her, the same shy, smiling mouth. Piers was on the carpet, playing.

These days he rarely went to his offices in the city, preferring to stay home with his children. He handled his vast empire from the house which was becoming more like a fortress. He was becoming paranoid about his children’s safety.

Now he looked up, sharply as Schwartz entered followed by Shark.

“You’d better see this.” Said Schwartz bluntly, tossing an envelope on to the table, his face grim.

Shark sat down, chucking Ria under the chin and grinning as she turned her small face away in disdain. “Like her mother,” he murmured and Gaston glanced at him sharply as he opened the envelope. His breathing seemed to stop.

“Mamma?” asked Ria curiously, leaning forward to look at the photograph, her brown curls falling over his wrist. It was another matter that any woman in any photograph was automatically taken to be her mother. Schwartz gestured to the maids who bustled over and took the children away.

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