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Part 7

I struggled to come awake. Someone was shaking my shoulder. Forcing my eyes open, I saw a woman bending over me.

Tight lipped, she indicated that I should sit up. I obeyed her, too weary to resist. She indicated that I should follow her. Lurching to my feet, I stood up, swaying. Nausea overcame me but I controlled myself with an effort. Looking down at myself, I saw that I was wearing a grimy shift.

Where was I? I could make out a dingy cell like area, curtained off by cloth from other such cubicles. The dimness, the stench of unwashed bodies, I felt like throwing up again. The heat rolled around me, dry, suffocating.

The woman prodded me in the small of my back, hard. I tried to tell her that I wanted to cover myself. She stared at me blankly. I grabbed a sheet lying in the corner and pulled it around myself. The cynical look on her face spoke volumes and I shivered.

She led me to a bathroom and again, gestured that I was to bathe. Gratefully, I washed myself, tearing off the ugly garments. The woman stood there, watching me all the while but I was beyond caring.

There were no windows, I had no idea where I was, what time it was…

How long had I been sleeping? I knew that I had been repeatedly drugged. I remembered having been roughly handled by someone. My body felt strange and I ached all over. Swaying at the unfamiliar sensation of being conscious after so long, I looked around me surreptitiously.

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