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Part 1

The guests milled around them and Gaston looked around the room with a sense of pride. His eldest children, Ria and Piers, had turned seventeen and the party was meant to introduce them to his world. The two sons who had come after that, one after another, Leo and Pascal, were upstairs, probably playing games on their gadgets, he thought. The youngest children, three year old Candice and baby Eugene, were in bed in the nursey.

Piers was turning into a handsome young man, very well behaved and polite to a fault, thought Gaston critically. But Ria- he smiled indulgently- he had a huge soft corner for his eldest daughter. She was like him, tough as nails and clever too. She was confident of her good looks and had all the young men in the room dancing to her tune.

He sighed in pleasure, yes, life had been good to him. His eyes automatically searched for his wife and he felt a familiar tightening in his loins as he saw her, throwing back her head and laughing at something that Schwartz had said, her long hair cascading down her back in waves. Although he knew that she had never desired another man, he still felt a sharp stab of jealousy as he watched her in the company of any man, even his best and most trusted friend.

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