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Part 4

Hands roved over my body. Someone was touching me and I tried to protest but my voice came out as a weak whisper and I sank into a world of darkness.


Nothing seemed of any importance to Gaston any more. Gradually, it began to dawn upon him that he might never see her again.

Now he understood how important she had been to him. He would come awake at night, reaching for her soft body, dreaming of her eager, receptive body surrendering to him. And in the darkest of the dark hours he knew that she had loved him completely.

Because it was alien to him to accept his weakness for anyone, he tried to take women to bed when he was in a drunken stupor. But as his hands roved over the unfamiliar figures, he could only think of HER and her lush body, her breasts that had filled his hands, her throbbing womanhood, the soft lips he had crushed so often, the way she used to cry out his name during their love making. The scent of her long, long hair. Thrusting the women away, he would go home.

Jan had spoilt him for choice, he thought bitterly as he took a swig from his whiskey bottle and no one could come remotely close to her.

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