Pomme Terre (Part 7, page 2 of 5)

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Part 7

"Come on, ashtray. You can't blame me. You asked for it. And honestly, I did like it with nothing in between, our skin in direct conta...."

"Shut up, Ingmar. I am panicking. You could've gotten me pregnant, do you understand that?"

"Geez. Why are you worried? We fucked so many times, and none of my little fishes had gotten to touch any of your eggs. Here... simple. Get to the pharmacy this very morning, and ask for a morning-after pill. Okay? It will be alright, okay? I am sure you can handle something like this on your own, yes?"

I went to the nearest pharmacy as soon as possible and asked for the pill. The pharmacist on duty was explaining something about it but my head was not registering anything. I signed the paper without hearing what she said, asked for water and swallowed the pill in front of her.

I put the matter behind me and the days went by. We still met each other like usual.

And my period did not come on time. Alarm bells were ringing. If I were carrying his child, perhaps it was time that we would simply just tie the knot and build a family. I waited one more week, before I went to Ingmar's apartment and told him about it.

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