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Part 6

The itinerary for the next day was slightly different. We stopped by the hotel to freshen up before a romantic dinner. Cliff had made reservations.

I was in the hotel robe, drying my hair when Cliff stepped out of the showers, topless, with a towel over his shoulders. I feigned disinterest but from the corner of my eye, confirmed that he got his boxers on. While the hairdryer blew noisily over my hair, he vigorously wiped his with the towel. His arms flexed and his well-toned abdominal muscles moved with every action he made.

"Excuse me, you are staring," Cliff commented, while continue to do what he was doing.

I blushed and quickly looked away. A smile etched on my face.

He came closer and asked in a deep, seductive voice "May I?"

Two can play the game. Someone triggered the naughty nerve. I turned to him, kept my head tilted up but dropped my gaze down at his boxers and responded "Ah...ha," before locking my eyes with his again. Whatever his may-i referring to.

Unexpectedly, he grabbed the hair dryer from my hand, stood behind me and proceeded to blow my hair. Sweet. His other hand gently ran over my hair as he directed the blower towards the layers.

Then he ran his fingers down from the nape of my neck and slowly pushed the collar of the hotel robe to one side, revealing my collar bone. Very deliberately, he lowered his head and planted a lingering kiss on my shoulder. I shuddered, closed my eyes, automatically extended my neck to the other side which he responded by planting another one at the jugular.

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