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Part 4

"Maya!" I called and waved, as I saw the pretty bombshell alighted from the cab.

"Ola, girlfriend!" She gave me a fierce hug and then took the seat beside me at the cafe. My best friend, the one whom I could confide anything and everything with. Quick to listen and slow to judge, and gave very good advice only when asked.

"How's work?" Maya asked, and briefly turned to the waiter "Cappucino, please."

"The usual. My boss really kicked ass this week."

"How? Whose?"

"There is a new staff in the clinic, dumb and slow. And you know how strict Dr Jade is. She was scheduled to assist Dr Jade for the day, but since she was incompetent, I tried to help. She passed the wrong instruments to the boss, and the boss was visibly furious because the boss just spent an hour the day before educating the new girl about the exact stuff that she forgot.

So Dr Jade asked her, 'Do you or do you not know?' And you know what the girl replied? She stabbed me in the back and said 'Faye prepared this.' Bloody hell."

Maya summarised "She made a mistake and she blamed you for it?"

"No, it was my mistake. I prepared the wrong tools because I was running in and out of the busy clinic, but I was just trying to save the new girl's skin, and she tried to skin me.

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