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Part 3

"Let me help you, sir" he spoke with a deep bassy tone.

"Aiya, no need, no need!!!" the elderly man replied.

I recognized it as a look of disdain and distrust.

"Don't touch my things," the elderly man warned. Okay, I would be happy to leave you alone with your things all over the floor, you snobbish and stubborn old man.

The guy from the gym wasn't about to give up. He went into the mart to get an IOU from the cashier, and came back out with a shopping bag.

"Here, use this. It may help you."

The elderly man scowled, took the bag and filled it with his fallen items. He did it in a protective circle as if to prevent anyone from taking his stuff.

Oh, come on. He didn't even say a word of thanks!

I sat down in front of the gym entrance again. The helpful guy was walking back towards the gym. Our eyes met and he smiled. I work in a dental clinic, and I can recognize a good smile when I saw one.

"Looks like he does not appreciate what you did" I said. He slowed to a halt and sat down beside me.

For a moment, he neither agree nor disagree. "I just want to be the reason, that somebody would believe in the goodness of people."

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