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Part 3

I should've called my mom more often. I took a drag from my cigarette and wondered how is she doing.

The loud music pumped at the background. Upbeat, intended to make people move their asses more.

I loved this place because it was bright and open. Not dark and hazy like the pub.

There was always a positive energetic atmosphere of testosterone mixed with tinge of sweat here in the gym. They said exercise releases endorphins and that makes people happy.

I need to find my happy pill. My job was stressful at times. I'm a nurse, in a dental clinic. Dr Jade was the superstar dental surgeon cum my boss. I wasn't very close to her but it was pretty much a love-hate relationship since day one.

The first time I met Dr Jade was during my interview. "If you're looking for an easy peasey job, it's definitely not here." I started into probation period. It was so challenging, primarily because my boss had high expectations for service excellence.

In the first month, I lost 3kgs and downloaded the phone app 'Beat the Boss'. I survived the probation period and coming close to one year working with Dr Jade.

I signed up for gym membership lately.

Sitting on the curb in front of the gym, I exhaled, forming a smoke of 'O' with my mouth. Oxymoron, doing something good for the heart,and another bad for the lungs.

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