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Part 3

Narrator: The toilet door creaked loudly and she crawled out slowly, flailing her hands In a bid to call for help. She looked pitiful.

Oyin: He . . . . lp, (stuttering helplessly).
Narrator: Her eyes rolled back into their sockets and she black out.
• • •
Ferade: and why should I care? It Is none of my buisness, (she said emotionlessly).
Mr Williams: ah ahn! Iya Oyindamola! (exclaiming), Isn't she your daughter?
Ferade: I had just one! Not two! (snapping back).
Mr Williams: But, Ferade! your daughter Is suffering from cancer!
Ferade: I don't want to have anything to do with that cancer patient of a girl!
Mr Williams: I know what to do, (storms out angrily).
Light falls.

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