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Part 3

Chapter 3: Wet Pants

My heart skipped a beat as I walked through the school hall. What happened was still fresh in my mind and also in the mind of the other students.

I had skipped school for a week for that reason. How could I have been so stupid? This girl is way above my league. How could I let myself be blinded and manipulated by love? It was so silly of me.

I walked straight to my locker. As usual, I heard her voice, that sweet voice. How can I forget this girl? It seemed my heart beats for her.

My heart melted, what do I see in this girl that her voice alone melts my heart? Her smile alone brightens up my day.

I peeped through my locker holes and I saw her laughing. When will this girl notice me? Am I a non-existing to her.

I was so lost in admiration that I didn’t know when I dropped my books. They gave a loud thud when they reached the floor. I bent down to pick them up and as I was doing that, I saw someone’s hand, a female hand helping me.

I looked up and saw HER. I was so freighted that I ran away. She actually tried to stop me but I didn’t listen.

“Wet pants!” She called me because she didn’t know my name.

I continued avoiding Sarah for days, weeks even– maybe months.

There was a time that she was absent from school. Though I missed her there was nothing I could do.

For three months, I didn’t see her until the end of the semester.

She appeared dressed as elegant as ever still chatting with her friends.

I wished I could go over to her and ask her the reason for her absence but was it any of my business? I was just a stranger to her..

She walked pass me, she turned back and our eyes met. I quickly cut off the connection knowing it would not be fruitful.

I never paid full attention in class again. In addition I also became a soft drink drunkard (don’t ask me the meaning!). I became a very lazy student, all because of a girl.

I stopped the church’s pre-choir lessons. I knew had to stay far away from Sarah but I was already in love with her. I wished I could speak to her but I couldn’t. I tried and ended up making a fool out of myself so I had to cancel out any thoughts of trying that again.

I looked out my room window. I saw the stars and the moon in their respective positions not minding the weather and circumstance in the planets.

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