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Part 5

Chap.5: The Birthday Party

The party is just hours away and I’ve not made up my mind on what to wear. Oh God! What’s this?

Emily walked in and met me in my wardrobe searching for clothes.

“What’s happening here?” She asked me.

“I’ve got a birthday party to attend tomorrow eve and I’ve haven't got a clue on what to wear”

Emily picked out some clothes and had me put them on.

“Cute!” she exclaimed when I put on the clothes

“Is it okay?” I asked her.

“It’s not, but considering the junk you call clothes, these are the best.” She replied.

I looked at myself at the mirror; my dressing were spectacular but was it enough to make Sarah notice me? I imagined how it would be to hold Sarah’s hands.

I was still lost in my thoughts when Claire joined us in the room.

“Can I go to the party with you?” Claire asked me.

I was brought back to reality. “No, you can’t”


“Cause it’s for matured people like me”

Emily saw this as her opportunity. “What of me? I’m matured so I can go with you”

“You can’t also.”


“Cause it’s for young matured teenagers like me”

“Bro, you are confused” Claire stated before she left the room with Emily behind her.

I stared at the stars and the night beauty of Mother Nature. Isn’t it funny? I am avoiding meeting someone who I wished so much to be with. At this point, I think my heart has a mind of its own cause she wished to meet With Sarah but my brain says otherwise. Two organs at conflict with each other all because of a single girl. Which Organ would win? As for me , I am just a ball being played from field to field.

The party was lively and filled with people who wore clothes more expensive than mine. I felt inferior so I went and sat at one corner observing the activities of the party with a cup of fruit punch in my hand. I was also scanning the whole place for Sarah.

Two girls came to me offering that I dance with them. I tried declining the offer but they were too persistent so I gave in and went with them to the Dance floor.

I wasn’t and am still not a good dancer but the girls refused to acknowledge that. I tried to get a glimpse of their faces but I couldn’t cause the multi disco light was affecting my sight.

At a point I got tired of dancing and it seemed they too were tired, so we parted. I went to the bar to ask for a drink and with the drink in my hand I went to the roof.

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