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Part 4

Chap.4: The invitation

I applied body cream on my body. I had just finished taking my bath.

While doing this, I touched a scar at the back of my arm. I had gotten it from a fire while trying to be a Hero back in Rocktown several years ago.

I ran into a house on fire in order to save a child as old as I was. I didn’t know what gave me the courage but my deed was “very brave and thoughtful” as the town mayor said while honoring me. I couldn’t remember who I saved or how I saved her. I didn’t bother to ask.

I made new friends in Sweetfalls. Though we were very close, I still couldn’t take my mind off Sarah. It was like she had become a part of me.

Gerry was a good friend, a handsome teenager who’s of the British descent.

Sally a good friend also. We met in the Ladies when I was actually trying to avoid Sarah, I ran into the Ladies.

Though sally was surprised and angry, she let me stay till it was safe for me to go out and since that day we’ve been friends.

I thought having friends would take my mind off Sarah but it didn’t, it only made it worse.

Gerry, Sarah and I went to an eatery for Lunch one hot afternoon.

After the arrival of our orders, we went into the food.

While eating, we were debating about the forthcoming promotion Exams.

I was actually engaged in the conversation when I heard a familiar voice behind me. It was Sarah!

I tried my best to avoid been spotted cause their seat was at the back of ours.

I tried to make my friends leave with me but they insisted on finishing their meal before going anywhere.

I squeezed myself into my chair and kept silent. My friends tried to find the reason behind my silence but I refused to tell them.

I left for the restroom so I could think clearly. When I came back, Sarah and her friends had left.

Gerry handed me an invitation letter. “Sarah’s friend, Titiana is throwing a birthday party at her place and we are invited.”

“Will Sarah be there?” Were the words that escaped my mouth. My friends were like – why is he asking after Sarah?

“Is there something going on between you and Sarah?” Gerry asked looking surprised. “First she asked of you and now–”

“Wait! She asked of me?”

“Yeah, she did” Sally replied. “Is there something you aren’t telling us?”

“No nothing, I just asked of Sarah. I could have asked of Titiana or any other person. It’s just a coincidence and nothing else”

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