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Part 1

Chapter 1: 21st Century Madness

I often wondered how it would be to fall in love with someone.

I’d watch people go crazy for love, but what was the profit? One would say, love gives the lovers a sense of fulfillment, but is that all?

I knew how crazy people would go for love, so I asked myself why?

Why is love being preached everywhere? In spiritual centers, schools and secular organizations. They all preach love, why?

I am Steve the Nerd who lived in Rocktown Street, Salem.

I loved the solitary life because it enabled me to think and live far from mistakes.

I never knew or experienced love, I saw it as inappropriate and unethical thus I tagged it to be “The 21st century madness” which I discovered to be very contagious.

All these were my beliefs until I myself encountered love in an unusual way. This is my story.

It all started on January 31st 2019.

We were moving out of The States not just Salem alone. We were moving to a city in Canada named Sweetfalls– funny name right? Don’t judge the city by her name because she changed my life for the better or maybe worse, I’ll let you the readers decide that.

The reason for our moving out was my dad’s immediate transfer which took us by surprise but he could not decline because the pay was irresistible.

That was how we moved to Sweetfalls, Emily, Claire and I. So sorry I forgot to talk about my position in the family. I am the middle born with an elder sister named Emily and a younger sister named Claire.

We arrived at Sweetfalls on a bright early Saturday morning. We worked throughout that day thereby exhausting ourselves.

I was so exhausted that I forgot to prepare my church clothes for the next day.

My parents left me alone to sort out my clothes from the heap of clothes stuffed in my luggage.

After pressing my wrinkled clothes, I put them on and left for the church. Luckily for me, Dad and I had located the church the previous day, so locating it wasn’t a problem for me.

At the church’s entrance stood an Usher waiting to usher the attendees in. He was a tall man with broad shoulders, a circular beardless face and brown eyes.

He ushered me in and handed me to another female Usher who gave me a seat at the back row, my favorite position the back row where I could drift off to my world of thoughts without drawing attention because I fell asleep at times. Also I was unnoticeable by the church.

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