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Part 2

She laughed at herself as she realized how foolish she must have looked as she rubbed the part of her head which she had hit. Then getting back down on earth, she continued her work on a lovely note, thinking from time to time at the wonderful apparition she had earlier.

As she left the office an hour later, she intended to grab the last bus since she knew that she could not afford a taxi. Her life had been hard from the moment she decided to undertake these studies in law. Her courses were very expensive and so were her expenses. She worked a few jobs in the summer vacation thinking that it might be enough to cover most of her fees for the semester, but it seemed all illusions.

She sat at the bus stop, where a few people were also waiting. She fixed her cardigan’s buttons and told herself that it was quite cold that night, wondering how the winter went on quickly. The snow was all gone and what remained was only the cool wind. The bus came a few minutes later and she nearly fell asleep but soon realized she was about to reach home.

She tossed her heels aside as she walked through the living room of the two bedrooms apartment that she shared with Mia, her best friend since she joined the faculty. The brunette greeted her as she came in. Nicole collapsed on the couch, putting her head on Mia’s legs.

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