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Part 2

-Sir… I…

-What are you doing here at such an hour? He interrupted her, as he walked closer to the office table.

-Just putting the final touch to the documents required for tomorrow’s administration meeting, sir, she replied, trying to get a hold of herself.

-Who are you?

He asked his questions with authority, the kind of authority that would bring a man to his knees.

-Nicole Washington, Sir, she answered.

She was very much impressed with the way that this man stood, the way he talked, enquired and even in the way he looked at her.

-Mrs. Washington…

-Miss, corrected Nicole.

-Well, Miss Washington, although I appreciate hard working employees, I would rather not be sued for exploitation.

-Oh, you don’t have to worry about this, I am just a trainee here, she assured him with a smile. He poured his hands into the pockets of his perfectly cut Italian suit and sighed.

-This would be even worse to be sued for exploitation over people who do not even work for me, he said without removing his gaze from her.

-You better make sure not to work that hard and get home, Miss Washington, he continued as he walked out of the office.

Nicole sat down on her chair, troubled. The man that just left her office was nobody else than Adam Wright, the CEO of Wright and Wright law firm, where she has been a trainee for the past 3 months. He was like an apparition for her since he was definitely the last person she ever thought that she would see there. His main office was situated in his principal building in town. It was very rare when he would drop by the secondary office where she worked.

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