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Part 2

Nicole bent down to pick the paper that had just slipped out of her hand. She looked down but could not seem to find it and realized unhappily that it might have gone down the table. She grinned and went down the big ebony table in quest of the lost paper.

There was such a silence that Nicole realized how late in the night it was. The whole building must be empty by now, she thought to herself. She finally felt the paper under her fingers after a little search. As she tried to get up, she realized from where she was that there was a pair of shoes a t the door of her office, man’s shoes. She reached to her chair and bent her head against the table and let out a painful grin.

-Are you alright? She heard a masculine virile voice say.

She immediately got up, feeling confused and embarrassed.

-I… I am fine… she replied.

When she raised her gaze to the man who had spoken to her, she nearly fell back into her chair.

A tall, handsome man, with dark velvet hair. His eyes were just as dark as his hair, framing a straight nose. Sensual lips that started moving as she was staring, speechless, at them.

-You don’t seem that alright, he said taking a step forward into the office.

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