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Part 1

"I swear I'll never cry again," the boy said, looking into the depths of the blue sky.

Footsteps were heard behind, the boy turned. On the path, a teenager, much older than him was standing.

"What are you doing here? This is my place - I fish here," said the teenager, holding fishing rods in one hand and a bucket in the other.

"It’s not written here that this is your place. I want and will be here," the boy snapped, getting up and preparing for a fight.

The teenager stared at the boy. The superiority in power was clearly not on the side of the boy, who was small and puny. There were only big, green eyes. But what a fearless - real boy!

"I have an extra fishing rod, we can go fishing together," said the teenager calmly, passing by the boy, "by the way, my name is Prokhor."

"Kai," the boy growled, still expecting an attack.

"Strange name."

"I hate it."


"Because everybody says when they hear it like you: "a strange name," the boy said angrily.

"Then I won’t say like that anymore," Prokhor said very seriously, "and will you stand there? Take the fishing rod!"

"I don't know how to fish."

Prokhor laughed.

"Is it true?" but, seeing the confused look of Kai with a fishing rod in his hand, he calmly said, "I will teach you!"


In the evening, when the caught fish splashed in the bucket, Kai said that it was time for him to return home. Prokhor nodded in understanding and held out his hand.

"Will you come tomorrow? I'll go fishing here again."

"I'll come!"

"So, now we will fish together ..."

Returning home by bike, Kai smiled happily, realizing that he was not alone in this world. He found the same as he - an outcast, a loner, someone who no one understood and did not accept.

On that day, they talked a lot, talked about their lives, and shared their thoughts and dreams with each other. On that day, each of them realized that he had found a friend, a friend for life...

Only one thing darkened that day - these were the words sounding in Kai's ears:

"You will be a military man!"

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