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Part 1

You will be a military man...

"You will be a military man," repeated a middle-aged man in a military uniform several times, looking sternly at the boy standing in front of him.

"But the military kill people! I don't want to kill anyone!" from the lips of a little boy such words sounded unexpectedly.

The man's face darkened.

"In our family, everyone is a military. It's honorable. Our family is proud of this. And you should be proud of it!" seeing that the boy wanted to object, the man added, "go, it has already been decided. You should be proud you will be a man of arms."

The intelligent eyes of the child looked into the eyes of the father. In the depths of his son's gaze, he read the word "No!" it began to anger him. The boy was still so small, but no longer obeyed his will. Where did it come from in him? Their family, all the men in it, were military men, and it was considered an honor. But now his son told him things that no one had ever dared to say. His son, his youngest son! Why is he like that?

"Go. And think carefully what you are saying," the man paused, and then uttered the words that sounded like a sentence, - you will be a military man!"

The boy did not argue anymore, he turned and, leaving, imperceptibly wiped the tears of resentment from his eyes. Leaving the house, he took the bike.

The bike ride distracted him from his sad thoughts. He imagined that this was not a bicycle, but a horse - real, big and he was riding it through the forest. He deliberately rode along a forest path, the unevenness of which and the protruding tree roots tossed the bike, and these exciting sensations, as it seemed to him, of riding a horse.

The forest ended, he rode through the field between the ears of ripening wheat. Ahead, swallows flew low over the road:

"It probably means rain," the boy thought.

He stopped by a small pond, partially overgrown with reeds and low bushes. The surface of the pond reflected the sky and rare clouds. It was a summer afternoon. The sun was at its zenith. Grasshoppers chirped in the grass. Huge dragonflies circled over its surface, looking for their prey.

The boy sat down at the edge of the pond, a bicycle lying nearby. He mentally imagined that this was his horse, which was now drinking water and eating grass next to him. These thoughts made him not so lonely - after all, his faithful friend was next to him.

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