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Part 8

A large black-toned jeep crawled slowly along the road. The wide wheels rustled soothingly over the fine gravel. When, once again, a large cobblestone got under the wheel, the heavy jeep softly bounced on it, shuddering with its polished sides shiny in the sun. Its driver frowned painfully as if he had become one with this black monster, and just like it, he felt the slightest irregularities in the road with his body.

In reality, everything was so: a bullet in the side sharpened the sensitivity of the body - even a small stone that this black monster went over was reflected in dull pain. It darkened in his eyes, the pain was disgustingly spreading, throbbing, but then subsided until the next push from the stone under the wheel.

"How stupid I got this bullet!", - once again the thought flashed in Kai's head. Although this was a war, everything is silly and illogical here. No one is immune to anything. So this happened to him.

Everything went well at first. That night, leaving his jeep in one of the many caves in the mountain, he walked along a narrow path leading up the mountainside. It had a beautiful view of the valley. There, in the valley, there was a movement of enemy equipment. Kai assumed that there would be such a movement and was not mistaken in this. Night vision devices showed the full scale of what was happening. After observing this for half the night and recording everything that was needed to transmit data to the headquarters in the video, he went back.

It was already daylight, fog descended in the mountains. It was thick, milky white as if space was filled with weightless liquid milk. All at once became different. The picture of the world was sharply distorted - the fog created its reality. Now he walked, focusing only on the sensor, which showed the direction of movement and a red dot at the end of the route - this was his jeep.

At some point, he felt that he was not alone. A chill ran down his spine.

"Who are they and how many are there?"

Everything was hidden in fog - just a sense of the presence of strangers and a sticky fear paralyzing the body.

A pebble slipped out from under his boot and, rustling softly, rolled down. That was enough for them to start shooting. Flashes of light shot through the fog. They were shooting from machine guns.

"There are probably eight of them, judging by the sounds of the shots. It's stupid to fight," Kai thought.

He jumped abruptly to the side and rolled down the slope. Now the fog was his ally. They did not see him and did not know who their opponent was either. Therefore, they did not pursue it. They just shot.

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