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Part 7

Kai walked him to the car. They hugged each other warmly goodbye.

Gor and his people were already waiting for Kai at their cars, they had to go. Saying goodbye to the Sheikh, Kai went to them.

"Kai, wait," Toyami descended the stairs and gestured to him to step aside to the railing.

Fakhr took a step forward, worried, but Kai raised his hand looking at him. Fakhr understood and did not intervene yet.

"Can I talk to you?" Toyami hesitated, now he was not so arrogantly self-confident as during the kiss, "I didn't want to ..."

"Spare me a romantic showdown," Kai interrupted sharply. "What didn't you want? You promised me to do so - well done, you kept your word! Be proud!"

"Kai, you misunderstood everything, I really wanted to kiss you, but you would not agree, never," Toyami said this with a bewildered look, trying to find at least a drop of hope in Kai's eyes.

"Enough! You wanted to show everyone that you always achieve your goal - you showed it! I have nothing more to talk to you about."

Kai took a step towards the cars. Toyami blocked his path.

The Araxes tensed - froze, waiting for Gor's command. Kai saw it. The situation was heating up.

"You're insensitive! You communicate with these non-humans and become the same as they are!" Toyami's confusion turned into anger. "If you can only be reached by violent methods, then I will continue to act the way you like! I will get everything I want from you. I promise!"

"Let me through," Kai hissed, looking into Toyami's eyes.

He paused for a few seconds, but seeing the cold glint of Kai's green eyes, he stepped aside.

"You're just crazy, I wanted to tell you this for a long time!" Kai said angrily as he passed Toyami.

Toyami stayed where he was. Passions raged in him: indignation and resentment.

"Well, our roads will still cross! I will get it! I won't give up so easily, the more unrealistic the goal, the sweeter the victory!"

Kai, without turning around, walked over to the car, got into it, nervously lit a cigarette, opening the window.

Gor silently watched Kai's face, which was not angry, on the contrary, he looked sad and thoughtful.

Gor was confused. Again he was wrong in his calculations with Kai. According to him, Kai had done now what he did not want to do, which meant that he must be angry, angry, and feed those emotions that drive a person making plans for revenge. But that was not in Kai's eyes. What amazed him now in his gaze? It was sadness ... Probably, this was how the eyes of a person in which sadness should look.

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